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Sustainability - Eco and bio hotel

Eco and Bio hotel in val di Sole

Where everything dialogues with nature

The Michela family hotel in the heart of Malè in Val di Sole stands out for its attention to the environment and respect for the surrounding nature thanks to special attentions and precautions:

  • separate waste collection,
  • energy and water saving,
  • the use of non-polluting substances.

The Gusmeroli family has for years now been attentive to these details to help safeguard the surrounding environment, a great wealth that has been given to us and that we have a duty to preserve and enforce.
For the heating of heating and sanitary water we use a thermal plant of German production fed with wood chip.

Eco bio hotel val di Sole hotel Michela
Cippato val di Sole hotel Michela

Wood chips are wood reduced to flakes with dimensions ranging from a few millimeters to a couple of centimetres. It is produced from trunks and twigs through the chipper. It can be used as a fuel or as a raw material for industrial processes. Wood chips, like other ligno-cellulosic biomass, are a renewable source as waste materials represent the raw material for the growth of the plant species of origin in a closed cycle on a global scale. A necessary condition is that the withdrawal from the source does not exceed its growth. Wood chips can be produced from waste from agricultural and forestry processes or from dedicated crops (short rotation). Wood chips are used both for electricity generation and to produce heat or in combined form in cogeneration plants. It can power both small-scale systems (a few kW) and large systems up to several MW. By staying in our ecological & organic hotel in Trentino, you too will be making your contribution to safeguarding nature and the environment! The panorama, the scent of the wood, the furnishing of the rooms, the sunlight in the breakfast and dining room, at the Michela di Malè family and wellness hotel, everything is in perfect harmony with nature and in a healthy environment, where you can reach the pinnacle of well-being and relaxation!