Stelvio National Park - Summer 2019

The Stelvio National Park is known for being one of the oldest Italian natural parks and its establishment has been appointed in 1935. Born in order to protect the flora, fauna and the beauty of the surrounding landscape, the mountain group Ortler Alps and to promote the development of sustainable tourism in the Alpine valleys of Lombardy, Trentino and Alto Adige, the Stelvio national park is annually attended and visited by many tourists, including groups, families with children, copppie on holiday in Trentino for learn about the history and nature of this place.

It covers over 24 municipalities and 4 provinces and in the northern border with the Swiss National Park, on the south by the provincial Natural Park Adamello-Brenta Regional Park and the Adamello together to form almost 400,000 hectares.

If you love nature and animals, certainly during your summer holiday in Trentino, you will have to visit the Stelvio National Park, which encompasses a wide morphological diversity and ecosystems, with large height differences: you can have a close encounter with a deer or a chamois, a deer or a fox or an ibex ... Some time ago there were also sightings of wolves, lynxes, shag Wisp and even bears, from the nearby provincial natural Park Adamello-Brenta.

There are also numerous species of birds that nest in the area of ??the Stelvio National Park as ptarmigan, rock partridge, the chough, the raven, the crow, the woodpecker, the black grouse, the grouse, buzzard, sparrow hawks, owls, eagles and, thanks to a successful and valuable reintroduction project, the bearded vulture. Many animals find refuge here and it is also thanks to the natural park that some species in danger of extinction are protected and cared for.