Summer in Val di Sole - Active Green Week

Val di Sole in Trentino South Tyrol is known for its snow-capped peaks in winter but also to the pristine beauty of meadows and pastures in the summer. A veritable oasis of nature with breathtaking landscapes, will be the perfect setting of your holiday in the mountains.

In summer the landscape of Val di Sole is characterized by an environment made of an imposing and majestic scenery: eternal glaciers encircle massive and extremely high mountains on the sides, as you descend in altitude, grow verdant forests which in the most lower valley give way to farmland cultivated with fruit trees.

Another dominant aspect of the landscape is water, of which the Valli di Sole, Pejo and Rabbi are very rich. Indeed, while in the valley it flows the river Noce, ideal playground for canoeists, rafting and kayaking, from the sides of the mountains spring numerous brooks and higher up breathtaking waterfalls dot with their white leaps landscape.

And the water, both in Val di Rabbi and Val di Pejo have therapeutic properties and favored in both valleys the development of spa resorts. Recently built are the two spas of Rabbi and Pejo.

Next to nature, even the human environment of the Valli di Sole, Peio and Rabbi is of alpine character, characteristics such as stone and wood chalets, an integral part of the side landscape Rabbi Valley.

Countries in the Val di Sole, in which are visible the elements of the alpine villages of the past, preserved buildings of historical and artistic interest such as numerous churches, Castel Caldes, the Rocca di Samoclevo, and the Castle of Ossana.

In Malé, the administrative capital of the valley, was achieved on the Solandra Civilization Museum, which collects evidence, now lost, of life in past centuries wrote with its mountain culture the little people of the Val di Sole.