Rafting on the river Noce in Val di Sole

An active holiday in Trentino south Tyrol

Adrenaline in a wild environment

When it comes to rafting, the Val di Sole is unrivaled!

For the uninitiated, the National Geographic mentions that the River Noce is recognized among the 10 best rivers in the world for the practice of rafting in a canoe.

Just for this fact, rafting is one of the most popular sports practiced here in Val di Sole. It is an activity for everyone! Yes just like this! Because it is a sport suitable for all ages, for which no special skills. The only prerequisite is to know how to swim. For the rest, just show up on the shore with a great desire to prove themselves and have fun! A leader of the expedition, there is always a professional guide, who before starting the descent provides the essential theoretical and technical guidance advice.?

Many think the rafting as an extreme sport, truly, in Val di Sole you can practice all!

you can along the 28 km of navigable river Noce choose between the adrenaline of the rapids and fun at the same intense way of the least impetuous. All it accompanied by the experience, the professionalism and friendliness of the rafting guides.

No special talents or skills are needed, just wanting to have fun. You can spend happy moments with family or friends.

On board a raft take place on average 4-6 people. ? You can join forces to defeat a common adversary: ??the river, with its roaring and raging waters.

For clothing we think the experienced guides who will deliver wetsuits, water jackets, boots and helmets; what you'll need to bring are hiking shoes, swimsuit, towel and ... do not forget the desire to have fun!

For any information you can ask the hotel's reception Michela, we will give you all the necessary information!