Room sanitation

Thanks to this treatment anyone can stay in our hotel with the utmost serenity, in a clean and hypoallergenic room.

In the mountains: stop allergies!

With the sanitizing treatment with ozone in our hotel the rooms are respiratory allergy-proof.

Here at the Michela hotel we really think of everything for our guests, it is our home and it is also yours!

From this year, in fact, we have activated our anti-allergy sanitation service for the rooms. If you suffer from allergic colds, if you have atopic or contact dermatitis or other similar characteristics you will certainly find this service interesting.

Thanks to the release of ozone particles, this process sterilizes the entire room in a few minutes, acting with maximum effectiveness on beds, pillows, blankets, curtains and any surface of the room, eliminating all types of impurities, even those that are impossible to see with the naked eye. Staying well during your stay is really a must for us who every day try to give the best to all our guests. Good food (good for the palate and for the body), deep cleanliness, a spirit of welcome and joy, love for this job ....

The Michela family hotel in Malè owns this machine inside its hotel and guarantees a complete sanitization of the rooms at each change of client, offering each guest a sterilized, sanitized and completely hypoallergenic room where they can spend their stay in complete tranquility. This treatment favors the complete liveability of the environments to all those people who suffer from respiratory allergies or who find themselves uncomfortable sharing their sleeping area with any form of spores, bacteria and dust mites. Ideal for those traveling with children, this method of environmental sanitization does not present any type of contra