Theme evenings and tasting dinners

One evening a week at the family hotel Michela di Malè, you will be able to take part in a tasting dinner with traditional products, recipes and traditional dishes of Trentino and the splendid Sun Valley!

Among the many dishes, we offer first and second dishes and desserts that belong to our culinary tradition ...


Canederli in Broth

Melt the cheese with melted butter

Serve with sparkling butter

Strangles priests of spinach

Casonzei with beetroot and poppy seeds

Spätzle Tyrolean

Tagliatelle with mushrooms

Pappardelle to the roe deer

Barley soup

Ricotta cheese and speck


Polenta with stewed mushrooms and sausage

Cheese on the plate

Potato cake

Potato cakes with caps

Beef salad with beans

Pork stew in the oven

Sliced ??mixed speck, lucanica, mortandela, cup

Dough and sauerkraut

Roast potatoes


Apple Strudel

Apple pie

Apples pancakes

Baked bread with berries

Zelten (sweet Christmas)

Cake of frigolots