Intolerances and products for celiacs without gluten

Attentive to the needs of each guest, the Michela Malè family hotel proposes to the breakfast buffet, every morning, special products for those with food intolerances, allergies and always includes products for celiacs without gluten, bread, cakes, soy milk ...

And also, desserts prepared by our chef like the apple gluten-free Strüdel, the grandmother's cake ... For greater attention to you, we ask you to let us know at the time of your reservation, if you have food intolerances or if you want products gluten-free, so you can find as many products as you can ... for everyday comfort!

The Out-of-Home Feeding Project stems from the need of the Italian Celiac Association to create a chain of exercises informed on celiac disease that can offer a service suitable for the food needs of celiacs.

Our Hotel adheres to this project by preparing foods using products with ministerial notification, reported in the National Register of gluten-free foods by the Ministry of Health and / or products included in the AIC Foods Handbook.